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Julius Muwanguzi of Uganda

When people think of a coach, sporting games with red-faced men frantically waving arms and shouting instructions is usually what comes to mind.

Mark Mielbrecht’s coaching couldn’t be more different.

Two years ago, Mark and three others at Breakthrough Partners signed up to become certified coaches through Creative Results Management. The coaching method they learned is unique. “It’s a client-led agenda,” Mark said. “They say what they want to work on; I’m helping them achieve the goals they set for themselves.” Mark explained that it is future-focused, while counseling is often focused on the past. “We like to recognize the effects of the past, but ultimately believe that God created us as unique and gifted individuals. We have to trust the Holy Spirit to enable us to fulfill our God-given purpose.” In order to do so, Mark’s coaching focuses on a person’s desire to set goals, overcome barriers and willingness to choose to move in a positive direction in order to meet one’s potential.

Mark recently coached Breakthrough’s friend Pastor Julius of Uganda. His church had planted corn to feed the village and provide for schoolchildren, but the crop was destroyed when a neighbor allowed his cows to graze on the plot. Julius was faced with a dilemma. He wanted to show love to his neighbor but had the reality of a destroyed crop that could no longer feed the village. He struggled with whether to turn the other cheek or seek restitution to meet the needs of the village. Through Mark’s coaching, Julius decided that he should meet with the elected village council to ask for their input regarding a solution and support. They in turn spoke with the neighbor about his negligence. “I never told Julius what to do. All I did as a coach was help him discover his solution to the present problem. That’s the beautiful thing.” Mark’s coaching with Julius helped prevent a conflict between a pastor and his community and helped give recognized authority to the recently elected governing body of the village.

Mark and the other Breakthrough coaches are well on their way to logging the necessary hours for their coaching certification. As they do so, they will continue to play an important role in helping clients decide the best action-steps to self-created solutions and effective change.