October 2009

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Christophe Mbonyingabo of CARSA

Christophe Mbonyingabo of CARSA

During the past two weeks, we hosted Christophe Mbonyingabo, Founder and Executive Director of CARSA of Rwanda. He is a courageous and Spirit-anointed leader set apart for rebuilding Rwanda out of genocide. Click here to check out the website of CARSA which is an affiliate partner of Breakthrough Partners. Christophe and his team are instrumental in the incredible healing and transformation of lives that have been traumatized by the wounds of genocide.

Again I was reminded that the rebuilding of broken communities and nations is built on the backs and from the convictions of Godly Local Leadership. Outsiders will never be able to lead a process of transformation. It takes those with moral and spiritual credibility who are relationally connected to the populous. It takes those who are in the culture of the local setting, but not of it. It takes those who are prepared to suffer and serve for the glory of God, even unto death.

This is where Christian mission, donor and development work so often goes astray. Those who come from the outside with money, messages and materials naively believe that they can bring about profound and lasting change. It simply does not work that way. And so often we let those with money, technological equipment, and educational degrees determine the priorities and strategies for the local mission. Then we wonder why there is no sustainable change.

The key for change to nations like Rwanda is to identify those who are morally credible, Holy Spirit anointed and filled with the vision of the Kingdom of God coming on earth like in heaven. Listen to them, follow them and support them. For culture change and rebuilding of nations is a job for insiders!

Gary Edmonds

[You may support Christophe and CARSA through Breakthrough Partners by clicking here.]