August 2014

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Zimbabwe Workshop GroupInvited by MAMUDA, a community development association near Bindura in north central Zimbabwe, a team from Breakthrough Partners recently worked with over 80 men, women and young people for four days to coach and transfer skills necessary to lead their own community transformation. They came from 13 wards, some as far as 30km away. One man rode a bicycle 20 km to be there. The beauty of the country and hospitality of the people was only exceeded by the eager enthusiasm of the workshop participants.

A distinctive of Breakthrough Partners (BtP) is the belief that God has embedded in communities the leadership, solutions, and resources needed to solve the many challenges they face. In the course of the workshop it was exciting to see these people begin to discover what God has already planted in them, working together to identify solutions and local resources for their immediate and long term improvements. Our MAMUDA hosts took some risk inviting a US group to assist in their local development, but their boldness may pay off as a model for other districts.

The participants went back to their wards and engaged their neighbors and community, sharing what they learned in the workshop and generating more improvement initiatives. In a note of thanks to BtP, a MAMUDA leader wrote, “. . . the community of Bindura should never be the same again after this workshop. The enthusiasm exuding among most participants will begin to yield results soon.”

BtP leaders also met with the senior minister and incumbent vice president of the national government. Our visit even made the local news. Please pray for the people of Zimbabwe, MAMUDA and Breakthrough Partners. BtP will follow up and provide ongoing coaching to the leaders through Skype calls, email and periodic visits.  Pray for wisdom and grace to learn and lead well. 

Ed Hatch
Breakthrough Partners