Guatemala High-5 Summer Update

High-5 class in Guatemala

High-5 class in Guatemala

High-5 was adopted this year by Food for the Hungry International (FH) as a trial in Guatemala to teach values to children through the public schools. In February FH teachers met with parents from each of the communities involved, beginning in 100 schools. Approximately 1000 children were involved in the initial trial. It was very well received and is now being used in 300 schools!

Teaching lessons of love, hope, thankfulness, respect and truth, the High-5 character values training is based on biblical principles. It helps children and their parents understand and apply these five values in their daily lives. The lessons are easy to understand, age appropriate, and culturally contextualized.

Here are some quotes from FH’s initial reports:

“Teachers had “the experience while teaching each theme to see God touch the hearts of these kids. . . The results have been better than in the past because the children have committed themselves to change. . .”

“The first value has helped restore self-esteem in our kids and encouraged them to set goals to change their behavior despite their young age.”

“The kids have learned the value of love and that God wants them to apply this love with action.”

“This is a holistic method that engages teachers (from the school) and families to also participate, not just FH staff.”

These quotes give a sense of the impact that the High-5 curriculum is having in Guatemala. It continues to be a tool to build the biblical foundation necessary for long-term social and economic change within communities. Your generous gifts and continued prayers will bring hope and change like this to more communities around the world.

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Gary Edmonds


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